About Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj

Vidur Bharadwaj is a man with many faces. He is an artist, an archtect, environmentalist. Mr. Bhardwaj is the motivating force behind the green sustainable structures, in the age of neo design and architecture in Delhi. Vidur Bhardwaj is a well-known architect, known as for his creativity, skills and dynamic personality. His skills set has no limitations, he has contibuted enormously in conserving nature.

A highly talented person with enviable academic and professional records, Mr Bhardwaj did his schooling at Modern School and graduates from School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi). He sets very high standards of excellence for himself and works hard to achieve them. His every goal is a mission. His knowledge and experience in the field of architecture is immense and puts them all together in every single project taken up by him. This is the reason why his every project is special and unique. He not only gives an artistic touch to the buildings but also develops them in an eco-friendly way. He has been one of the top architects in the real estate industry for years now. He is also one of the first architects to embrace “eco-friendly” way of construction in the Indian real estate industry. Patni Campus Noida, Wipro Campus Gurugram etc. are examples of buildings constructed by Mr. Bhardwaj, certified as Green Buildings by the USGBC of the United States of America. Innovative power and water conserving technologies have been incorporated in these projects, at the same time these projects are classic, stylish, sophisticated and outstanding pieces of architecture. He was awarded by the President of India in 2005 for his fine work in constructing world’s biggest environment friendly green building.

Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj is not only known for his architectural skills but also for his remarkable painting skills. Fatehpur Sikri, streets of old Delhi, ghats of Varanasi etc. are the few paintings done by Mr. Bhardwaj. His first ever exhibition was “Soul in Structure” at the countries capital’s Visual Art Gallery and India Habitat Centre. There were 15 canvas painting mixed with different paintings of courtyard, verandas and terraces. He communicated how the traditional monuments can be incorporated in modern buildings. The exhibition had paintings for both commercial and residential spaces. For him every building is a piece of art and gives his heart and soul to it.

Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj is a very inspiring person and a motivator too. He sets an example with his work and ideas. He is a popular speaker in the real estate industry. He preaches what he practices by himself. He also owes responsibility to the society by setting up an NGO. NGO named “Gyanoday”, is an institution for under privileged children. Gyanoday provides vocational courses, special skills, scholarship for deserving students for formal school and handicraft learning.