About Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj

Vidur Bharadwaj – The Green Artist

Vidur Bharadwaj, also known as the "green artist," is a master in painting on canvas.It's challenging to put into words how he illustrates the relationship between art and ecological architecture.His paintings speak directly to the viewer's spirit.No effort was spared by artist Vidur Bharadwaj in creating the ideal artwork for his audience.Whether or not you appreciate art, anyone can grasp what his paintings are trying to convey about how nature and humans are interconnected in this ecosystem.Vidur Bhardwaj's art is inspired by Delhi's rich history and has been greatly impacted by the city's abundance of significant historical sites.He combines concepts and inspirations from historic structures with those from the current glass building age.

"Soul in Structures" was the title of Vidur Bhardwaj's art exhibition displayed at the Visual Art Gallery and Indian Habitat Centre.There were roughly 15 canvases that showed a variety of courtyards, terraces, and verandas, as well as water features, wind, and sunlight, and how they were used in contemporary buildings.He combined the aesthetic interpretation of sustainability and the environment with the design of ancient structures and cities in the exhibition.According to Vidur Bhardwaj, "the sustainable road that I have been on has included architecture and real estate development.My enthusiasm for sustainability in architecture and my love of art have been combined to create this exhibition.From a layperson's perspective, sustainable architecture is less relatable than art.

"The method I've employed is to merge images of my projects with things that, whether they be in the form of nature, buildings, or specific events, inspire me as an architect.The iconic monuments from all around the nation, including Fatehpur Sikri, the ghats of Banaras, and Jag Mandir in Udaipur, among others, served as inspiration for my architectural works, which are from the National Capital Region, according to Vidur.

A prime example of where he applied the idea from the prehistoric Havelli is Wipro Gurugram.The spacious courtyard with a pool and a Havelli surrounded by trees was appealing to Vidur Bhardwaj.This structure serves as the first Wipro headquarters in northern India.Additionally, it had little scenic views because it was in a city like Gurgaon.As a result, we made a lovely courtyard in the midst of the structure to create a setting that would encourage visitors to leave.According to Vidur Bhardwaj, "We made it shaded, we put water and air cabinets to have a mist effect, and basically it replicates a courtyard in a haveli that most of us were raised in."

Contribution To The Society

Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj is a very inspirational individual as well as a motivator.His beliefs and achievements serve as an example.In the real estate sector, he speaks frequently.He preaches what he personally practises.By founding an NGO, he has also taken on duty for the community.Gyanoday is an organisation that supports underprivileged children.Gyanoday offers handcraft education, specific skills training, practical courses, and financial aid to worthy students.

It is essential for us to contribute to the expansion and development of society.We have adopted The Rotary Institute for Special Children as part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility.Currently, the institute provides care for over 70 children from Noida (U.P.) and the surrounding areas who belong to the underprivileged part of society.

To help the unique kids grow independent, free services are offered to them including special education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vocational training, medical camps, yoga and other workshops, parent counselling, and transportation.

Architecht Turned Artist’s First Exhibition

Vidur Bharadwaj is an inventive architect and sustainable green designer who has devoted the last three decades to working with numerous customers, including 3C, Aurum, Hilti, and Orchid Group.He is the brains behind the environmentally friendly construction of upscale complexes in India's cities of Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and others.He is one of Noida's top interior designers and architects, and he has worked on numerous residential, commercial, and office projects for the 3C.Mr. Bharadwaj is renowned as "Green Man" in the Delhi-NCR real estate sector for his love of green and environment-care approach in every construction he designs.Mr. Bhardwaj has demonstrated a preference for eco-friendly art during the past ten years.The paintings of artist Vidur Bharadwaj are displayed at an exhibition around the themes of green sustainability and energy efficiency.Mr. Bharadwaj showed his art in his first art exhibition, capitalising on the archaic aspects of social interactions to produce work that was in a league of its own.In his "Soul in Structure" display at Delhi's Visual Arts Gallery, he demonstrated how the architectural features of historic structures can seamlessly blend into contemporary structures.