Vidur Bharadwaj has combined history, technology and building perfectly in latest creation

A Green Artist - Vidur Bharadwaj

Known as the 'green artist', Vidur Bharadwaj's skills on canvas is mind-boggling. The way he presents the connection between art and green architecture is hard to explain in words. His paintings directly connect with the soul of the viewers. Artist Vidur Bharadwaj left no stone unturned in crafting the painting perfectly for his viewers. Not matter you are an art-lover or not, anyone can understand what his paintings wants us to see, how nature and we are an integral part of this ecosystem. Delhi as a city of many important historical monuments has influenced Vidur Bhardwaj deeply and his work is inspired by Delhi’s rich history. He blends ideas and inspirations from historical monuments with the modern era of glass building together.

Vidur Bhardwaj, held an Art Exhibition at The Visual Art Gallery and The Indian Habitat Centre named “Soul in Structures”. There were about 15 canvasses, depicting mixed courtyards, terraces, verandas along with water bodies, wind and sunlight and their use in modern structures. In the exhibition he amalgamated the design of historical monuments and cities with artistic interpretation of sustainability and environment.

In his own words, Vidur Bhardwaj says “Architecture and real estate development have been a part of the sustainable path that I have been following. This exhibition is my expression of amalgamating what I love in art and what I am passionate about is sustainability in architecture. People relate more to art than to sustainable architecture from a layman’s point of view. So, that is my way to showcase everything together”.

“The process I have used is to combine photographs of my projects with elements that inspire me as an architect, be it nature, monuments or moments. My architectural works are from NCR and the inspirations are from the famous monuments from across the country like Fatehpur Sikri, the ghats of Banaras, Jag Mandir in Udaipur among others,” says Vidur.

Wipro Gurugram is an example where he incorporated the concept from ancient Havelli. Vidur Bhardwaj liked the big courtyard with a pool and Havelli surrounded by trees.

“This is the first Wipro headquarter building in north India. And because it was in a region like Gurgaon, it did not have many sceneries around it. So, we created a beautiful courtyard in the middle of the building to make an environment conducive for people to come out. “We made it shaded, we put water and air cabinets to have a mist effect and essentially it represents a courtyard in a haveli that most of us were brought up in,” says Vidur Bhardwaj.